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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Rev 12:11

The Mission Statement

Ford Foundation/Outreach Ministry is a non-profit organization equipped to minister to those oppressed, brokenhearted and burdened. God has allowed these two individual paths to cross and become ONE. Our lives are transparent...our testimonies are raw. TRUTH attracts us and GOD protects us.

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And the Vision...

 Empowerment to the Incest Survivor or survivor of childhood molestation still struggling with the stench of incest and/or rape, both male and female. Counsel and offer services to the male prostitute through a network of religious organizations and other individuals who have escaped that lifestyle. We strive to impact the homeless population, to feed as many on the streets as possible, encourage them to come in from the streets and teach them life transforming skills.

We are delighted that you have visited our website. We offer a broad network of information and referrals pertaining to STD's, Breaking the Bondage of Homosexuality, Freedom from Drug Addiction and Sexual Relational issues. These sexual and relational issues focuses on our PERSONAL and TRUE life experiences with HIV/AIDS, Homosexuality, Incest, Molestation, Rape, Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Homelessness and transitioning from the Penal System to society.

We confess that GOD can and will DELIVER the Homosexual and the Drug Addict. We confess that GOD can remove the stench of sexual and domestic abuse. We confess that GOD can purge and transform the prostitute. We confess that GOD can hold HIV/AIDS at bay. GOD IS ABLE....


P. O. Box 445

South Holland, Il 60473

Contact Information



[email protected]