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Through GRACE Alone

By FAITH Alone

In C H R I S T Alone

Whenever I had a relationship with a Bi-Sexual partner, it was an overwhelming feeling of conquest. He had lied about who he was. I had conquered a real 100% man. One who didn’t sleep with other men. It gave me confidence to know that I had that kind of power. I knew who I was when I got out of bed. However; he did not want to accept who he was and the act that he had just performed with another man. As always, after the act, there was a withdrawal. The shame and guilt had overridden the excitement of the sexual act we had just committed. Then…he thinks of his wife. This is why God calls the homosexual a covenant breaker, fornicator and unrighteous. My sin had consumed me.

LifeLine with Pastor Greg Howse

Homosexuality and Sin